The Marion County Auditor’s Office has released an update relating to this year’s 2019 City and School elections. According to Marion County Auditor Jake Grandia, the 2019 City/School Special Precinct Board convened at 10:00 AM Friday morning to consider any Election Day Provisional Ballots received from the polling sites and Absentee Ballots received by the Marion County Auditor’s office via mail after Election Day. The Board accepted three absentee ballots that met the mailing deadline of November 4th, and one provisional ballot cast on Election Day. The Board rejected two absentee ballots due to late postmarks.

In the latest vote total, each individual in the Pella City Council At-Large race received one additional vote, bringing the totals to:

Chris Meyers 330 14.72%
Tony Bokhoven 950 42.37%
Liz Sporrer 958 42.73%

Earlier this week, Grandia reported to KRLS News that there were previously 27 outstanding absentee ballots remaining in the entire county before today’s meeting, and nine of those were from the City of Pella incorporated area, and eligible to be counted in that race.

Based on those numbers and the three that were counted today, 92.1 KRLS News is projecting that Liz Sporrer has unofficially won the At Large seat currently held by Tony Bokhoven, even if the six potential remaining Pella ballots were going to come in with a November 4th postmark or earlier, and be in favor of the incumbent. None of the results are official until Tuesday, but assuming the votes counted total stands and is approved by the Board of Supervisors, Sporrer will start her term in January.

Full updated Marion County election results: 2019CitySchoolElection_Summary_Unofficial_11.8.19