The Pleasantville Youth Initiative held their second annual “Competition for Kids Who Like Games” event at the Pleasantville High School recently. The event was created for children who like competition as well as those who don’t. 

The Pleasantville Youth Initiative wanted to show children that learning to enjoy winning and losing, understanding that playing by the rules makes a victory sweeter, and working together with others toward a common goal are all important skills children will need as adults.. When the children arrived  they were divided into four different teams at random, each team assigned a different color: Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. Each had two volunteers as coaches. Together they came up with their team names and their team battlecries. The names chosen for the teams included, The Millertary, The Rojo Toros, The Blue Ice Giraffes and The Turtle Strips

The teams competed in a series of games which included games that athletes and non-athletes could find a way to enjoy including some trivia, a dance-off, and dodgeball. By including games that appeal to different types of personalities, each kid on the team had a chance to contribute to the points their team earned. The winner of this year’s “Competition for Kids Who Like Games”  traveling trophy went to the Blue Ice Giraffes.