Several local high school large group speech teams will compete at the Iowa High School Speech Association state festival today at Cedar Rapids Jefferson High School. From Pella High School, 14 events will perform and from Pella Christian, six acts will be showcased. Pleasantville is advancing two groups and PCM is sending seven to the next round. All student performers will attempt to earn Division I ratings from a panel of judges and attempt to earn All-State nominations, the highest possible honor for Iowa High School speech

Full results from Pella: 2020-LG-District-Speech-Sheet1

Pella Christian:
PCHS events earning a I include:
One-Act, Rags – Emily Van Beek, Jocelyn Gritters, Kody Jansen, Caleb Belzer, Austin Dart, Abigail Gosselink, Zoey Nelson, Trent Van Gilst, Marie Johnson, Piper King, Lexie Matherly, Lauren Dunsbergen, Leah Osborn, Seth Van Gelder, Jack Vos, and Jon Stoltzfus with student technician Peter Larson.

Readers Theatre, And Others – Emily Van Beek, Halie Vermillion, Jocelyn Gritters, Zoey Nelson, Kody Jansen, Peter Larson, Lauren Dunsbergren, and Trent Van Gilst.
Choral Readers, And – Colby De Vries, Abigail Gosselink, Elijah Vos, Joshua Beltman, Kaylee Bandstra, Morgan Meinders, Jack Vos, Piper King, Lexie Matherly, Marie Johnson, Lauren Trotter, Bridget Vande Zande, Avery Verhoef, and MaKenzi Groenendyk.

Musical Theatre, Six – Morgan Meinders, Leah Osborn, Alicia Van Kooten, Angela Rooda, Julia Ford and Avery Verhoef.

Ensemble Acting, Offerings – Kaylee Bandstra, Laurey Johnson, Nia Hoekstra, Elizabeth Vink, Janae Vande Noord, and Spencer Ver Ploeg.

Short Film, Just Keep Swimming – Nia Hoekstra, Elijah Vos, and Charlize De Armond.

Pleasantville State Advancers:
Short Film
Written/Directed by Addie Dawson
Edited by Abby Hintz
Starring Hailee McCormick, Justin Nickel, Megan Dority, Anna, Fiona Phipps

Group Improv
Justin Nickel, Fiona Phipps, Jeremy Colboth, and Addie Dawson

PCM State Advancers:
Division I rating:
Choral Reading
Ensemble Acting
Team Allan Improv
Team Garin Improv
Team Michael Improv
Group Mime
Short Film