Cardiac Rehabilitation Week, initiated by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, coincides with both Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month in an effort to draw greater national attention to heart health this week. This year’s theme, “New Start Better Heart,” honors the patients, families, and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to giving cardiac rehabilitation patients a new start.

Linda Groenendyk and Karla Berg with the Pella Regional Cardiac Rehab want to remind the public that there are ways to achieve ideal cardiovascular health by improving seven risk factors. as defined by the American Heart Association:

Manage Blood Pressure
Control Cholesterol
Reduce Blood Sugar
Get Active
Eat Better
Lose Weight
Stop Smoking

Cardiac Rehabilitation at Pella Regional aims to restore optimal health to patients after a heart event on an outpatient basis. Conditions that may qualify for cardiac rehabilitation include a heart attack in the last 12 months, coronary bypass surgery, stable angina, heart valve repair or replacement, heart stents, heart transplant surgery, compensated heart failure and cardiomyopathy. Hear more about Cardiac Rehabilitation Week on today’s Let’s Talk Pella.

For more information, please call Pella Regional’s Cardiac Rehabilitation at 641-628-6653.