Pella Fire, Pella Ambulance, and Pella Police gave a sign of solidarity to the community during difficult times.

Last night, the doors opened at the Pella Fire Station, and the lights on their trucks were turned on, as did those for vehicles from the Pella Ambulance and the Pella Police Department.

Steady lines of cars greeted first responders in both directions along Main Street for over 20 minutes, waving to, honking their horns at, and thanking local responders. The display was done at departments throughout the county and state, including Knoxville Fire and Rescue, Pleasantville Fire, and the Melcher-Dallas Fire Department.

Pella Fire Chief Doug Van Gorkom says the moments were touching for the members of all three departments in the Tulip City, and he believes it was a sign of hope and strength with tougher times likely ahead.