Just over a month ago in the early morning of March 30th, many residents of Pleasantville were devastated as a fire destroyed the Pleasantville Christian Church, a mainstay in the community over the past 120 years. The fire may have destroyed the church that has been part of Pleasantville since 1900, but it did not destroy the community’s resolve to rebuild and take care of their own according to Lois Turnage with the church. Turnage tells KNIA/KRLS News church services could resume sooner than later, thanks to some kind-hearted individuals. She says Ray Bertrand who owns Mason Funeral Home in Pleasantville has offered the Chapel Room to the church to conduct their church services until a new church can be built. Turnage says the Chapel Room is perfect for what the church needs and she is thankful for the generosity shown by Bertrand and everyone in Pleasantville. 

According to Turnage, the church was also contacted by the Webb Shadle Memorial Library as well as the City of Pleasantville, both offering places for the church to hold their services until a new church can be built. Turnage says the church has also received monetary donations and because of the amount received they created a resurrection fund for people to continue to donate. She says the church will rebuild and is currently in the bid process for demolition of the remaining structure. Turnage says the church also wants to thank the many first responders and firefighters who worked to try to save as much of the building as possible and who were also able to pull the large brass cross from the rubal the morning of the fire which hung at the north end of the church. She says if anyone would like to donate to the resurrection fund they can send a check made out to the resurrection fund to P.O. Box 188, Pleasantville, Iowa, 50225.