Tulip bulbs planted in specified street beds and City of Pella parks will be available for removal on Monday, May 18th beginning at 7:00 a.m.

Standard guidelines for digging tulip bulbs include:

Removal is only allowed from the following bed locations:
•Street beds located between the sidewalk and street on:
-Main Street between Peace and Liberty
-Main Street between Washington and Sunken Gardens
-Washington Street from Open Bible Church to Brinkhoff Park
-Franklin Street from the Post Office to West Market Park
-City Buildings: City Hall, Community Center, Library, Klokkenspel
-City Parks: Brinkhoff, Central, South, Sunken Gardens, West Market
-Fair Haven Memorial at the intersection of Union and E 3rd Street

•Use a pitchfork when digging tulip bulbs
•Remove all foliage with the bulb; do not leave stems or leaves behind
•If soil is spilled, rake it back into the bed
•Removal only applies to tulip bulbs; no other spring bulb, perennials, or shrubs
•Abide by all on-site signage as tulips in formal landscaping areas or perennial beds are not available for digging

If you choose to participate in this program, please observe the social distancing guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control