Pella High School students are encouraged to give back to their communities throughout all four years of class, and at graduation, those who contribute earn special honors before they move on. Seniors who achieved over 100 hours of community service are given Distinguished Service Awards, with 46 members of the class of 2020 earning the distinction. Pella High Students have logged over 30,000 hours of volunteering since the program was started.

The following students were recognized:

Sadie Beal
Drake Beard
Allie Brand
John Carlo
Courtney Chaplin
Tierney Copeland
Courtney Duinink
Tanner Dunsbergen
Erica Egesdal
Grace Emmert
Grant Fuller
Thomas Gaul
Colin Henry
Abbie Hill
Ashley Hundt
Ben Jablonski
Mason Johnston
Hanna Kendall
Hunter Kephart
Cody Kime
Hailey Kowzan
Caroline McMartin
Jennelyn Morales
Lin Nikkel
Grayson Parisee
Allison Paulius
Lily Pumphrey
Blake Recker
Ellie Roorda
Levi Sales
Elaine Schippers
Jack Stratton
Madison Sult
Courtney Thompson
Elsie Thoreson
Bella VanGorp
Makenzie Van Maanen
Emily VanNorden
Colton Van Zanten
Tessa Vander Molen
Parker VanWaardhuizen
Lilly Villalobos
Cassandra Volpe
Hannah Vos
Nate Vos
Camren Westerkamp