The Knoxville Panther Scholarship Foundation has announced they have created a special award ceremony video that will be broadcast on Youtube this Friday, May 22nd at 9 a.m. Board President of the Foundation, Curt Froyen tells KNIA/KRLS News people can expect to see all 74 graduates from the Knoxville Class of 2020 receive a scholarship as Knoxville High School Principal Tracy Wilkins announces each scholarship the students have received. Froyen says the foundation will also discuss the different types of scholarships being awarded. He says the foundation can not thank the Knoxville residents, former students and businesses enough for all they have done and given to help the Class of 2020 receive their scholarships for the hard work they have done. 

According to Froyen every student from the Class of 2020 who applied for a scholarship will receive at least a $500 scholarship. Froyen says the ceremony will also feature 80 current college students from Knoxville who will also be receiving a scholarship.