Warren County residents will have an opportunity to learn more about and purchase solar power equipment through the Grow Solar Warren County Initiative. The Grow Solar Warren County Initiative is a program that will allow individual home and commercial property owners to access competitive prices for solar installations through the power of volume purchasing, as well as provide educational “Solar Power Hour” virtual seminars. The initiative is a partnership between the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) and the Nature Conservancy in Iowa, with promotional support from the Warren County Economic Development Corporation, the City of Indianola, and the City of Carlisle. For more information on the Grow Solar Warren County Initiative, and to view the dates for the Solar Power Hour seminars, click below.


● 7/10 Friday 12-1PM
● 7/14 Tuesday 12-1PM
● 7/23 Thursday 1-2PM
● 7/29 Wednesday 6-7PM
● 8/3 Monday 12-1PM
● 8/12 Wednesday 6-7PM
● 8/18 Tuesday 6-7PM
● 8/26 Wednesday 7-8PM
● 9/2 Wednesday 12-1
● 9/8 Tuesday 6-7PM
● 9/11 Friday 12-1PM
● 9/15 Tuesday 6-7PM