Photo from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The City of Indianola has seen another rise in COVID-19 cases since the latest update on July 24th, with an additional nine cases within city limits for a total of 134, and a growth of three cases not within city limits but inside the Indianola Fire District for a total of 163 cases within the district.

Warren County has again seen a significant rise, with a growth of 39 cases over the weekend for a total of 468 cases. Warren County has only seen 8 additional recoveries since the latest update for a total of 248, with 220 active cases.

The most recent Marion County Situation Report shows a 32% rise in cases in the last week, going from 121 to 158, and the number of active cases also seeing a significant rise from 28 to 48 active, and only 110 recovered. The 37 case jump for Marion County marks the largest one week growth since the pandemic began.