Area high school coaches have a lot to deal with during the season from preparing their teams to adjusting the lineup for injuries there is a lot to prepare for. Add in coaching during a pandemic and all of the guidelines they and their team have to follow and it is quite a plate to deal with. While, thankfully, Knoxville has not had to deal with any player out due to COVID-19, all of the Panther sports coaches are looking at back-up to the back-up plans. In Knoxville Volleyball’s case Coach Mollie Keitges is using this season to get more girls involved in the varsity rotation so she is prepared to send in someone if a player should be out due to quarantine. Keitges adds it is benefiting the team to see how many players are ready for the varsity floor.

“This year I’m planning out to Plan E with line ups and where he can put kids whether we have to be down a kid or two due to COVID, hopefully not, we certainly will try our best to be prepared.”

Knoxville is back on the court after a built in two week break due to a scheduling quirk this Tuesday against Davis County.

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