After two weeks of no matches, due to a scheduling quirk, the Knoxville Volleyball Squad will play a match. The Panthers try to continue their unbeaten string in the South Central Conference with a trip to Davis County. Coach Mollie Keitges tells KRLS Sports the girls are definitely ready to play and they likely are not going to care that they are taking the longest road trip in the South Central Conference tonight.

“I don’t even care we’re going to be on the bus forever, we’re just ready to get back to playing a game. The girls are getting more intense as the week went on with their game simulation drills, so we’re just super excited to get on the court Tuesday night and we’re ready to roll.”

The Panthers are 7-1 on the season and have spent the last two weeks in practice due to a scheduling quirk that had them going two full weeks without a match. Keitges adds they had to get creative in practice to keep things interesting. Keitges thinks the girls will be ready to go tonight.

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