Constitution Week begins tomorrow. To kick off the week, Daughters of the American Revolution is sponsoring an event called “Bells Across America.” Everyone is encouraged to take a moment to ring bells of any kind at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. Jackie Beard is the Regent for the Henry Knox Chapter of the DAR, and explains how the group will commemorate the anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution.

“To commemorate this event, there’s something called “Bells Across America.” At 3:00, people are going to ring their bells to celebrate the Constitution’s anniversary of being signed. The following week through the 23rd is considered Constitution Week. The DAR encourages everyone to fly your flags and think about the wonderful things we have in the United States because of our Constitution. The great thing about ringing the bells is that it can be anybody anywhere, you don’t have to gather. School groups, Boy Scout groups could do this. One of the things that’s really fun is when the churches get involved and ring their bells at the same time, because then you can hear it through the community.”

Constitution Week is celebrated every year from September 17th through the 23rd. This year is the 233rd anniversary of its ratification.