The Melcher-Dallas and Twin Cedars Football Squads will have one more game this afternoon and it is against each other. Both Marion County eight-man teams opted out of the playoffs after having less than stellar seasons and decided to play one last game against each other due to the fact that the state did not schedule them because they were in separate districts. Sabers Coach Cam Parker tells KRLS Sports, he can tell it is a different week leading up to today’s game.

“It is a different kind of amped up this week, we’re in our stretching lines we’re just excited. We’re definitely looking forward to it and every game should be that amped up, and you should get that excited for every game, this week you get a little more excited and there’s a trophy on the line and a lot of guy would roll over and say who cares.”

Saints Coach Pat Ferguson says he sees the traveling trophy every day because it sits in his office at the high school, and he intends to keep it in Melcher-Dallas for another season.

“Dusted it off a little but the kids see it because it sits in my office and the kids see it everyday they come in here. We’re going to march it on the field and I intend to carry it off the field after the game.”

The Saints come in at 2-5 on the season and have dealt with injuries to key players all season. The Sabers come in at 0-5 on the season after having their first two games cancelled due to the school going to full online learning the first two weeks due to COVID-19. You can hear the game live on KNIA3 today starting at 12:45, and the kick off at 1:00.

Listen to a special feature previewing the game here:

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