The Knoxville City Council approved a master plan Monday that will emphasize improvements at city parks. Interim City Manager Heather Ussery says there are a few areas in particular that will be getting attention.

“We have identified some needs within our parks, as well as trails. We have a trail master plan, but there’s some things that have changed, especially with the VA campus. Right now our plan doesn’t include that. We took plans we already have, such as the Young’s Park plan and the trails plan and our recreation plan, updating those and combining those into a newly updated plan. Auld Park is a large part of that. That’s one of our parks that hasn’t been updated in a long time, so being able to look into the future and getting the plans lined up and funded. This master plan is to put out a request for proposals for a plan.”

This item was identified as a need in the city’s goal setting sessions with Iowa State University, and was brought forth by the city’s Quality of Life committee.