Former Pleasantville Police Officer Alec Veatch was officially sentenced this week to 14 days in jail, a five year suspended sentence, and will be on probation for a period of three years. Following the probation, Veatch must submit his name to the Iowa Sex Offender Registry for the rest of his life, and complete the Sex Offender Treatment Program.

Veatch reached a plea agreement in both Marion and Warren County after being charged with assault with intent to commit sexual abuse-serious injury, willful injury causing serious injury, enticing a minor under 15 for a sexual purpose, and lascivious acts with a minor in Marion County, and sexual abuse third degree, enticing a minor under 16 for a sexual purpose, and lascivious acts with a minor in Warren County.

Both Warren and Marion County cases were prosecuted by the Warren County Attorney’s Office, due to Veatch being a former employee of a police department in Marion County.

Warren County Attorney Doug Eichholz tells KNIA News he worked closely with the victim’s family to determine the sentence.

“I especially take this to heart. We consult with the families of victims, work with them, try to find compromises where there can be. In this case we found a compromise they could live with. The main part of the compromise, for the rest of his life he is on the Sex Offender Registry. That’s a big deal. The family thought that was an appropriate outcome based on everything the victim has been dealing with as a result of this case.”

Eichholz also said he understands the frustration of the public, perhaps finding this not a severe enough punishment, but he has to take into account the victim and the family’s well being.

“People looking from the outside may say this is a lenient sentence. You can have that opinion. But when you look at what the family has been through, and what the victim would have to go through with a trial and other parts of the process, this was the best outcome.”

The full statement from Warren County Attorney Doug Eichholz is below.