The Knoxville Community School District was awarded a competitive grant as part of Governor Reynolds’ new Teacher and Paraeducator Registered Apprenticeship Pilot Program. Knoxville Community School District Superintendent Cassi Pearson spoke with KNIA/KRLS News about the grant.

“This grant we hope will help us get more paraeducators in our classrooms, as well as teachers, as the state has a teacher shortage. The grant money will help our local potential educators, high school students, and our associates pay for the class work they need and make it take a shorter amount of time than if they went to get a bachelor’s degree.”

Pearson speaks about the impact this can have on the district.

“We really feel in this first round of registered apprenticeships we are hoping that 10-15 local people will become paraeducators or licensed teachers in the next few years serving in our schools. I think a lot of people that are interested in becoming teachers know that at a young age, and to be able to get some help financially to make that dream come true and to be in your hometown is a win-win for everyone.”

The Knoxville School District was a part of a consortium of school districts sponsored by the Cherokee Community School District. In total, the consortium received $6,376,113 in grants.