A local organization of over 100 men are working to help other charitable causes locally. 

100+ Men on a Mission – Red Rock was founded in 2015 and has 160 active members that have raised more than $268,000 since the organization began. The group of men meet four times throughout the year, and members present a charitable cause they have a passion for. Treasurer Chris Dana says that members are asked to nominate an organization before the meeting and three non-profits are selected from a bowl. Dana adds that the presenting member then pitches their organization to the group, who then vote on which will receive their two quarterly donations.

“We drop that name in a fishbowl, and we ask somebody to draw three names out of the fishbowl and the member that nominated that organization is given five minutes to just really share what’s on their heart and why they believe that we should give our donation to that organization. No PowerPoint presentations, no videos, no bringing him somebody from that organization. We want to hear from our member why they believe that this is where we should donate the money.”

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