Megan Weiler Green and Joel Weiler are embracing their new roles at Weiler, and investing in the community remains a priority for the Knoxville-based manufacturer. 

Green was promoted in November to Weiler CFO and General Counsel. Green, a lawyer by trade, joined Weiler in August of 2017 as in-house counsel and procurement manager. Green says she is grateful for Weiler employees being receptive to her ideas and vision.

“I think a lot of the kudos goes to our employees because they’re very open to teaching us about what they do, and they’re very open to us coming in and learning about something and saying, what if we tried it this way or have you ever thought about trying to do it that way. Not everyone would be like that, especially with the owners’ kids coming in and trying to figure out what they know and don’t know, but everyone has been very receptive to letting us try new things, and we’ve been humble enough to pivot if we need to. So far it’s been pretty good.”

Joel Weiler was recently promoted to Engineering Manager and a member of the senior management team. Joel, a dentist by trade who practiced from 2014-2019, joined the company in August of 2019 as Safety Manager. Joel and Megan are the children of Weiler Owner and Founder Pat Weiler, and Joel says it’s important to them to follow their father’s philosophy of working in several different areas. 

“I’m looking forward to the engineering role. We’re pretty bought in as a family to Pat’s philosophy of bouncing us around to different areas of the company. I think there are a couple benefits there. One, we just understand once we move on that we understand that department, what goes into that, their daily challenges, and why it’s important to the business. It just helps us be more knowledgeable and well rounded business owners in the future.”

Weiler has invested financially in the Knoxville community in countless ways over the years through investing in large projects, community organization donations, and  charitable giving. One of the company’s most recent large donations was funding the Weiler Specialty Clinics at Knoxville Hospital and Clinics as part of their $21 Million expansion project. Weiler also offers an incentive program for those who relocate to Knoxville. Megan says they want to give their employees every reason to live in the Knoxville community.

“We have a great partnership with both the City and the County so every time we have a harebrained idea of wanting to add onto this building again or do this or try that. Everyone has been so supportive. When you have a community this size there are a lot of things money can help with in town, especially with the hospital front. That was a project we were really excited about. To allow our employees to have access to things without going to a bigger city or community. We just want to give our employees every reason to live right here in Knoxville.”

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