The City of Knoxville is preparing for commercial property minimum maintenance inspections. 

The City’s requirements are intended to preserve the structural integrity of buildings and property values, while ensuring a clean, attractive and safe community. Areas that will be inspected by the city in the upcoming weeks include drainage, weeds, debris, fences, walks, parking areas, exterior surfaces, yard areas, windows, and more. Knoxville Community Service Office Meredith Clark said these inspections help keep the downtown looking nice while remaining safe.

“A couple years ago our city council approved the commercial property minimum maintenance standards for our commercial buildings here in Knoxville. With that code enforcement decided to start a program annually to use these codes to inspect our buildings mainly for health safety, facade reasons to keep our downtown attractive and safe for everybody.”

Hear more from Clark along with City Economic Development Director Glenn Lyons regarding the inspections on an upcoming Let’s Talk Knoxville.