Indianola High School is holding their Prom this Saturday at Adventureland’s Palace Theatre, with the theme of “Enchanted Forest.”

After the dance, the Post Prom event “Bright Lights Big City” will be held at the Blake Fieldhouse and will run from 11pm to 2am. This event is free for all Indianola High School seniors, juniors and their guests, but they must be registered to attend.

Indianola Police Chief Brian Sher tells KNIA News parents should be proactive and practice with their child in the event they end up at a place where illegal activities are going on.

“It’s always a good idea to pre-plan answers that your child can use to get out of uncomfortable situations. If you are offered alcohol, offered drugs, anything like that. Parents should go over these types of scenarios with their kids, so they have a pre-planned answer so they can get out of those types of situations.”

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