Warren County received heavy turnout for the midterm election held Tuesday, with 67% of the registered voters participating.

Over 24,000 ballots were cast, with over 11,000 of those being early/absentee ballots. Culver Center Fellow at Simpson College Levi Lefebure tells KNIA News there is more enthusiasm in this election compared to past midterms.

“I’ve seen a lot more people talking about in person and on social media about just going out and voting, regardless of party affiliation. Obviously for a presidential election there is going to be more participation but even the early voting in many states has surpassed the 2014 midterms.”

The 24,100 ballots cast is up from the 2014 midterm election where 19,712 votes were counted, and down from the 2016 presidential election year where 27,507 people voted.