As COVID-19 has impacted small businesses worldwide, in Knoxville business leaders have come together to find new ways to help each other out in this difficult time. According to the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Ramaeker Enterprises in Knoxville launched a project at the beginning of May to help local businesses. Knoxville businesses were able to create a unique message for their business with their logo included to be put on a shirt. Ramaeker Enterprises then printed the shirts to sell, so that both Ramaekers and the other local business could raise funds while also promoting their business according to Knoxville Chamber of Commerce Director, Hannah Vander Veer. Vander Veer tells KNIA/KRLS News residents can purchase a shirt by going to the online shop that Ramaekers Enterprises has established online. Vander Veer says for every shirt that is purchased, $9 goes back to that business to help them in their time of need. 

According to Ramaekers Enterprises, the shirts had already raised over $1,000 for local businesses in the first four days the online shop was open. The last day the online shop will be open is Friday, May 22nd. To view and or purchase a shirt click here: