HIRTA is resuming collection of fares starting Monday, July 13th. Due to social distancing on the buses, HIRTA says they will have more limited service, so they may not be able to accommodate exact requests, however, they will offer times when they can accommodate those requests. In-town trip fares are $2.50 and $5.00 for in-county trips. Right now, In-county trips are being limited to specific days and times. Same day trips may be available, however, they encourage advanced reservations. 

According to HIRTA, staff continue to work diligently to ensure customers and drivers remain as safe as possible by regularly disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, encouraging riders and requiring drivers to wear masks when riding HIRTA, blocking off certain seating areas on buses to encourage riders to practice social distancing as much as possible, each bus is equipped with disinfectant spray/wipes to use as needed, hand sanitizer and masks. If riders board without a face-covering drivers will have one to give out and if using a mobility device, the rider should turn their head away from the driver and not talk to them while they are securing the device

In addition, they have also installed a safety shield between the driver and the fare collection container, which will help with social distancing between the driver and rider. To schedule a trip or for more information, call 1-877-686-0029 or email erides@ridehirta.com