Iowa Senator Joni Ernst visited Indianola Monday, as the first stop in her annual 99-county tour of the state. While visiting, Senator Ernst talked about her experiences inside the US Capitol building on January 6th when rioters made their way inside the building, and stressed to Iowans they should not take the situation lightly.

“I was in the Senate chamber, and it was horrifying. It was horrifying, and I need to stress that everybody that thinks oh well that was okay they were just a little exuberant. No, this was anarchy. When you have people that lose their lives. When you have destruction of our great seat of democracy, the United States Capitol, I am not only saddened and heartbroken but it makes me angry. That I had to grab two terrified girls that were serving as pages, and escort them out on the safety route. They need to know what they were doing, they were terrorizing old men and young girls.”

Ernst also said she feels very strongly that any of those who entered the Capitol building illegally should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.