Monday is expected to be a very busy day for travel agencies across the state as thousands of Hawkeye and Cyclone football fans will learn this weekend where their beloved teams bowl game destinations will be. Sue Johnson, manager of Pella Travel, says she expects lots of phone calls from people with various requests, and says tickets to the game itself are often readily available.

“We’ll be getting lots of phone calls. Some people have already started calling us,” says Johnson. “We have people that want just tickets only, we have people that want hotel and tickets; we want hotel, tickets and transfers; we want pre-game party information… So we can tell them what we can give them at that moment. Generally we can’t get just tickets only, but tickets have always been readily available.”

Teresa Williams is owner of Jacobsen Travel Agency in Knoxville. She says they already have a list of clients who wish to be contacted about the final bowl destination, and although package pricing may be slightly higher than pervious years, she expects a great deal of interest from the community in ways to travel to the game. Ultimately, a handful of games Saturday will likely dictate where Iowa and Iowa State will be traveling during the holidays. Many of the bowl game pairings are then expected to be arranged Sunday.

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