The Marion County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday. The board approved the third and final reading of a Marion County ordinance zoning map amendment for Sanctuary Gardens after a lengthy discussion. The development of Sanctuary Gardens will still need to go through the Site Plan approval process to which Supervisor Mark Raymie says the supervisors could still stop the project if both the development group and adjoining land owners still have not resolved their issues. The board approved a property insurance request from the Marion County Historical Society to help pay for insurance of buildings owned by the Historical Society. They approved a request from Clay Township Trustees regarding permission to make an application for hazard mitigation funding to purchase an outdoor warning siren for the Tracy area as well as approved the disposal of real property for the Pella Memorial Building. The board approved a medical examiner technology request, as well as approved an amendment to a 28E Agreement to provide regional mental health and disability services for adults and children for the CROSS Mental Health Region. They approved an agreement between Marion County and the Iowa Department of Transportation for paving of gravel road approaches as part of an IDOT project. They held a discussion regarding the completion of the Knoxville Area Transportation Location Study and reviewed final report findings as well as a discussion regarding the Secondary Road Department update and a discussion regarding a proposed Commercial Wind Energy Ordinance. The board also held two closed sessions in which the board authorized County Attorney Ed Bull to hire an outside counsel as well as acquire an abstract/title opinion for matters currently in litigation or where litigation is imminent.